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A New Vision for District 8

Cleaner Neighborhoods

Maintaining our district's parks, walking paths, and keeping them clean.

Accessible Housing

Chattanooga must grow to welcome low- and middle-income households.

Safer Streets

Safer communities of the future must be built around care and resources!

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Better Opportunity

The backbone of our local economy is small businesses. 

Meet Marie

My intent has always remained the same throughout my years of public service. I must improve the lives of others as I improve my own. I'm proud to be the experienced, forward-thinking choice for District 8. As an activist who works daily with people struggling to live in Chattanooga, I understand the needs of the working class. My mission is to lower the cost of housing while investing in jobs, small businesses, infrastructure, and public safety that is effective and transparent. I look forward to earning your vote and continuing my work to keep District 8 cleaner, safer, accessible, and flourishing with opportunities.


Struggling with food or housing insecurity? Click the community resources button to get help!

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