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My name is Marie Mott, and I am a fighter who has a courageous spirit and unmatched drive that has given me the ability to organize and advocate for people in times of uncertainty. I have walked a unique path of experiences that have molded me into a change maker and thunderbolt for the truth that shines a light on profoundly entrenched and embraced barriers. As a middle child of three, raised by two supportive parents and loving matriarchs, I understand how to bridge gaps between generations and perspectives.


I am a passionate activist and community organizer who challenges us to build a better world. For the last six years, I have worked in underserved and neglected communities in the field of affordable housing, economic development, public safety, and voting rights. I aspire to lead with compassion, connect others to resources, and collaborate to create a better quality of life for every resident. My goal, if elected, is to bring forth a new vision and ignite the dreams and talents of the next generation in District 8.




Former Chair of the Hamilton County/Chattanooga

NAACP Civic Engagement Committee


Harvard Emerging Leader Class of 2022


Ruby Hurley Award Recipient for Civic Engagement


TEDx Chattanooga Speaker


Twenty Seven years District 8 resident born and raised in the

Churchville Community


Participated in the Historic River To Ridge Area 3 

Plan; worked on the Boone Height Site Redevelopment

with unions, neighborhood associations, and grassroots 

organizations to implement a Community Benefits Agreement 

for Nippon Paint


An organizer on issues such as affordable housing and displacement, police misconduct, 

food deserts, and minority small business funding


Organized successful public policy changes within

The Chattanooga Police Department - "Warning Before Shooting"

and "Duty To Intervene."


Organized the successful end to a one hundred year contract renewal of

private prison company CoreCivic

A Tenacious Trailblazer With No Title

Marie did not win her initial campaign for City Council, but she did not abandon the community. She continued to serve because she understood that titles do not make leaders nor qualify those with titles as experienced. From the beginning of her work, Marie:

  • Organized Free Covid-19 Testing and vaccinations for ALL Chattanooga Residents

  • Changed two police department policies, "Warning Before Shooting" and "Duty to Intervene"

  • Organized with local unions, neighborhood associations, and community stakeholders to secure a Community Benefits Agreement for Nippon Paint

  • Co-Founded "Healing Gardens CHA" to tackle food insecurity in Oak Grove/Ridgedale

  • Demanded for a year straight that Officer Desmond Logan be fired for raping three women in Chattanooga while on duty and sexually assaulting a UTC employee. He would later be investigated, charged, plead guilty, and sentenced to prison

  • Organized with community members to stop the sale of the Glenwood Recreation Center 

  • Led the demand for the city council to allow citizens to speak at every meeting instead of twice a month

  • Supported families and communities that lost loved ones to gun violence and experienced police brutality at the hands of the Chattanooga Police Department and Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

  • Organized with NAACP members to encourage community stakeholder organizing on voting rights and redistricting

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